Fall Photos

I’m not sure that we actually got a decent family photo out of this, but at least the kids are cute. ūüėČ

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Happy Halloween

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Finally! He will be so excited when he realizes what teeth can do! Especially since he’s such a big fan of meat ūüėČ

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So many things...

Since I’m super behind on my updates, I’ll try to hit all the important points.

Zoe is doing amazing in gymnastics! She is in the “big kid” class now. She gets mad every week when I take her down to class since she knows that Zach and I...Read More »


Today is Zachary’s “Gotcha Day”! We had our finalization hearing at 9am, and (after a few stops) celebrated with lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. Zach didn’t get to try the enormous chocolate mousse cake (it was delicious), but he did enjoy playing with the paper coasters and eating some grilled chicken....Read More »


I can’t believe I didn’t post this one! When it’s nice enough outside, we walk around the block. Now, in July, it’s getting a little hot and sticky for that, but this picture was like a month ago. I just like it. Zoe is all about her super-cool shades (she...Read More »

Story Time

Bonding over baby Highlights Hello Magazines.

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Cuteness #1. Zoe believes every baby is Zachary. She asked to watch Inside Out because there is a baby for like a minute at the beginning that she thinks is Zach. She can never get past the first 10 minutes though because the rest of the movie is too boring...Read More »

Happy Easter!

We had a good Easter last weekend even though it was pouring rain all day. Zoe got to hunt eggs at the library on Thursday. After she realized they had candy in them she was pretty into it – she found 34 eggs. We tried an indoor hunt at a...Read More »

Cute Face

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"Hey, Hollywood!"

That’s what we hear ALL THE TIME when Zoe wears her sunglasses. She lost her old ones and kept asking for them, so we went out and she picked out some new ones. She’s so cool that she insists upon wearing them indoors. She gets compliments everywhere we go, and...Read More »


Well, Zoe had her first emergency room experience yesterday. She rode her tricycle off the front porch and landed on her chin. We were at the hospital for almost three hours waiting for a few stitches. She was shy and sad at first, but after waiting so long she got...Read More »

Big Sister|Little Brother

Zachary was born on Tuesday afternoon. He was 6 lbs 13 oz, and 19 inches long. He stayed 48 hours in the hospital; I was assigned the room next door to Cierra so that we could both be there with him. Zoe and Brad stayed at the apartment at the...Read More »

New Stuff

Well, we’re preparing for baby #2 to arrive in approximately 3 weeks! We got a crib – no mattress yet – and I made a bunch of burp cloths, changing pads, and diaper pail liners. And, we got a bunch of clothes from Jen and FBCH for the first 3...Read More »

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Highlights from our 2015 Christmas extravaganza:

  1. SeaWorld and Aquatica – Technically, this was a birthday trip, but the little kids’ area at Aquatica was a big hit!
  2. Pre-Christmas Gifts – We celebrated early with Brad’s parents and sister before they went home.¬†
  3. Christmas Day – Everyone thought it was funny...Read More »

The Doc is In!

(So, I started this post like a month ago, but I couldn’t get the photo in it. Then I forgot that I never posted it. But here we go.)

Doc McStuffins! Because that’s the only cartoon she’ll watch. We borrowed a costume from someone we met at story time at the...Read More »


So, gymnastics for toddlers is basically a lot of running, jumping and climbing – with a little bit of swinging. So far, her favorites were the trampoline and swinging on the trapeze. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to get a clear shot from the “observation room” so these are pretty blurry....Read More »

Swinging & Stuff

Look who got a new swing set! She absolutely LOVES the swings, and occasionally uses the slide too. She had some aunties visiting the past couple of weeks, too. She got to play a LOT, and they visited one of the state parks too.

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Mother's Day

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I said, “smile for the camera!”

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Hunting Eggs

Apparently, I forgot to post our Easter egg hunting pictures. Zoe was super-cute in her new dress, and she found 11 eggs – mostly by herself.

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Favorite Things

These are a few of our favorite things…

I’m not sure why she’s in the laundry, but BUTTONS are the best! Especially my phone’s buttons.Next up is the VACUUM! For some reason, she wants to hug the vacuum whenever it’s available.Aaaaannnnnnd, the SWIFFER! I had to shorten the handle...Read More »

Party Pics

Well, this one is super late too, but Zoe had a great first birthday party. She loved the bounce house – as long as there were no other kids in it!

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Better Late Than Never

I forgot to post Zoe’s first Christmas pictures! She was not super excited about presents, but she had a good time.

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Happy Halloween!

Zoe was NOT in the mood for pictures, but she still managed to be cute ūüėČ

This first one was right before we went back inside. ¬†I think it’s my favorite sad face ever.

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Look at those chompers!

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I love these ones.  We went swimming and had a little bbq Sunday before Labor Day.  

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We called in our finalization hearing from the bank (where we could get a notary to witness it). ¬†I think she had to call about 20 times. ¬†First, no one answered, then the phone kept disconnecting. ¬†When the judge asked for us to explain in our own words why we...Read More »

Happiness is...

This baby loves ceiling fans. ¬†She was a little grumpy today, but I left her in her crib for a few minutes with the ceiling fan on, and when went to check on her she had a big smile on her face and was just chatting away at the fan....Read More »

Ready to Stroll

Here she is Рall decked out and ready go.  Her sunglasses fit pretty well, but she still has trouble keeping them on her face.  

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Look at her Grow!

February 15th:

March 16th:

April 15th:

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Family Photos

We went with a friend from church to take pictures before our baby shower.  These are my favorites from our little photo shoot.  I even got a free print from shutterfly, so we will have an beautiful family photo to hang on the wall!

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Fresh & Clean

I wanted to post a picture of her freshly washed hair because it spirals so perfectly until she sleeps on it.  I got several shots, but this is my favorite expression.

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Evolution of the Turkey

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Our gutters were installed today.

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I thought there was a lizard in my plant so I went to look out the window.  It was not a lizard!  I think he was uncomfortable with me staring and taking pictures though.  He decided to leave.



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A Sad Day

Poor Monty will have to rely on his inner beauty for a while. ¬†I shaved all of his beautiful red hair off. ¬†He had too many bug bites hiding under all that fur, and I needed to find them before he chewed them all up. ¬†Usually, I know he’s...Read More »

First Bloom

It’s been overcast and rainy for a couple of days, but my first calla lily decided to come out anyway. ¬†And there are now at least 4 frogs hiding in the leaves. ¬†It’s like the perfect camo for bright green frogs.

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A Little Project

Here’s my new grow station. ¬†Hopefully my petunias will sprout soon. ¬†I already have a lily coming up outside! ¬†Later we will add another shelf and a light in the top half. ¬†It’s going to be awesome.

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Do you see what I see?

I brushed my hand across the calla lily leaves and something moved! ¬†It was a little green frog tucked into one of the leaves. ¬†There were three of them living in there. ¬†They were a little disturbed when I watered the plant, but they got right back in after...Read More »

Spring Time!

It is spring time again! ¬†Here, that means it’s warm and sunny one day and then cold and windy the next. ¬†On the sunny Saturdays we work outside.

We’re a good team; Brad digs the trench and carries out the blocks, and I make everything level and pretty.

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The Island

I almost forgot to post a picture of the finished product. ¬†It looks so good; I can’t believe we made it ourselves. ¬†It gives my colorful pots a nice place to sit out in the open too.

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New Tree

You’ll just have to imagine it with leaves on it.

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New Look

Here’s Monty admiring the new look in the nursery. ¬†I just finished making our birth mother scrapbook. ¬†It’s on my shutterfly if you want to see it. ¬†I hope it’s not too overwhelming because there’s a minimum page requirement on shutterfly’s books. ¬†I think it’s a good representation of us...Read More »

Merry Christmas Eve!

Here is my Christmas present – my new mini-island! ¬†Brad got his presents early so that he could use them to build mine. ¬†He really likes all his new tools, and we’re pretty amazed that we built something so nice! ¬†I’ll take another picture when it’s all stained and finished.

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The Joys of Fall

So, for me and Bradley, 2011 was “The Year of the Doctor” and now 2012 seems to be “The Year of the Vet”. ¬†Of course, Miss Belle was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease back in January (after extensive testing and vet bills), and then we took Monty to the vet for...Read More »

All for me

…at least until Brad gets home.

If there was such a thing as semi-vegetarian, this would be it.  I replaced half the meat in my enchiladas with black beans.  They are delicious.  Just so you know.

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High Class

Our windows are moving up in the world.  Ever since we moved in Brad has hated having the paper shades in all of our front windows.  He just installed real wood blinds in the second bedroom yesterday.

The first set of blinds – and...Read More »

Oh, summer

So I guess I could have posted some pictures of our summer activities. ¬†We are just about done with that stuff now. ¬†Anyway, this butterfly was at the Falling Waters state park. ¬†We went there on our anniversary, but there were no falling waters. ¬†There was a pretty impressive sink...Read More »

Diamond Proof

Hopefully this will deter Diamond from stealing Monty’s food and toys. ¬†It’s interesting that she fears the little Monster, but still can’t resist the urge to sneak into his closet and steal his ball and food whenever she gets the chance.

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So many books...

We bought more shelves.  We have so many book cases!  I am beginning to think we may have too many books.

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Fat Lizards

I saw these fat red-headed lizards this morning. ¬†They waited patiently for me to go get the camera and come back for photos. ¬†They are much bigger than the lizards we normally see, and obviously they are not bright green like the other ones. ¬†Their red heads make me...Read More »

More Blooms

The colors on the computer are much more accurate than on my phone, so these pictures look pretty good. ¬†I hope they can be planted in the ground when we get our sprinklers put in. ¬†They had to reschedule the installation because one of the guys had a “family emergency...Read More »

Easter Doughnuts

Here are my delicious Easter doughnuts. ¬†I liked the chocolate ones and the cinnamon-sugar the best. ¬†The glaze was good, but pretty standard, and the maple was not mapley enough for me. ¬†Next year, I’m going to set aside more time to rise them, and only make a half batch...Read More »

Calla Lilies

My parfait calla lilies are starting to bloom!  I counted 10 buds, I think.  This is the first one to start to open.  They are going to be so pretty!!  They are actually prettier pink around the edge in real life, but the picture still looks cool.

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I made more pup cookies. ¬†They are “Plumpkins”, and they smell like pumpkin pie. ¬†I doubt they taste that good though. ¬†The oat and rice flours probably don’t taste that great. ¬†Monty loves them, but Miss Belle just licks it like a lolly pop. ¬†I don’t think she’s ever eaten...Read More »

Cheese Please!

¬†I made my pups some cookies today! ¬†I made oatmeal-banana ones and then the cheesy ones in the picture. ¬†Aren’t they cute?

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It's December!

We have decorations!! ¬†Since we own our front door this year, we decorated it! ¬†We thought about Christmas lights along the roof, but then we would have to buy a really big ladder too. ¬†We’ll see how that goes. ¬†I guess you can’t see them in the picture, but there...Read More »

Before and After

Check out Monty’s dental work! ¬†He had to go to the vet for like 8 hours today to get knocked out and have his teeth cleaned. ¬†It’s pretty expensive since they have to knock him out, but his teeth are nice and white now! ¬†We took before and after pictures…Read More »


Here’s the pillow that I crocheted for the couch. ¬†I’m going to make a green one next. ¬†It will have a different texture though.



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Dining Set

Our new dining set was delivered Friday! ¬†It goes very nicely with the rest of our furniture, and it is nice to have a table to eat at. ¬†I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but it’s counter-height, so about 6 inches higher than your average table.¬†Read More »

Frisbee Skills

We took a few minutes to play outside between downpours this afternoon.

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The Elusive Island

Well, here it is…

We got our island in, but then the camera died. I finally charged the battery and took a few pictures. I put the handles on all of our cabinet doors. The drawers are more complicated so I haven’t done those yet. ...Read More »

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Hurricane season is upon us, although I haven’t heard of any hurricanes in our area. It’s kind of a bummer that you can’t really see how much water is on the driveway in this photo. Fortunately, I had already let the dogs out for the morning before...Read More »

I forgot to take a picture of the outside after we closed and all the workers left. ¬†This one’s from a few days ago. ¬†Most of the grass dried up and the plants look pretty sad since we didn’t have sprinklers put in. ¬†I cut the two worst looking plants...Read More »

Independence Day

We went to the fireworks show on the beach for 4th of July. ¬† We forgot to bring towels or anything to sit on, but we were in a good spot for watching without getting all the smoke. ¬†And, it didn’t even rain this year!



These are some of...Read More »

Almost There...

So, they forgot our island, but everything else is supposed to be ready by tomorrow.


Here’s our backyard:


and here’s our pendants (the ones that go over the island):

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About Five Weeks to Go...

We have a post-framing walk through on Monday!

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Hooray for Walls!

Here is our finished foundation last Saturday. 

They were supposed to start framing that day, but it rained the night before.  So, they started yesterday (I think).

And, here’s Brad in our “back yard”:

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Foundation Walls

Check out our new foundation.¬† Since there’s just sand here, the foundation has to be super thick.¬† It’s almost as tall as me.

This was about a week ago.¬† They trucked in a bunch of dirt to fill it in and it’s almost done now.

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Yea! Cement!

The footings for our foundation!

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Nearly Cleared

We went to visit our lot yesterday.¬† The clearing guy is almost finished.¬† I don’t know if you can see the orange flags in the photo, but they represent the corners of the house.¬† We don’t know if he’ll be clearing any farther back.¬† They are supposed to let...Read More »

Our "House"

This is what our “house” looks like so far.¬† It looks like a forest.

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Ode to Monty

Here’s Monty the Dragon Slayer!¬† Bradley found this dragon toy that has 16 squeakers in it.¬† It’s like Monty’s dream come true.¬† Of course he ripped its face off first, removed its “brains”, then he went for the appendages.¬† He’s working on a dragon leg in this picture.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Our feast for two!¬† I made raspberry swirl cheesecake and pumpkin bars too, but they didn’t fit on the table for the picture.

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My X-Rays

So, here is a picture of my neck, obviously, from last week.¬† It is marked with the proper curve (black) and my curve (red).¬† I don’t have the original x-ray from 3 months ago, but the red line was about twice as far away from the black line in...Read More »

Hermit Wars

So, I was digging around my hermit tank today (to mix the sand and make sure everyone is still alive), and here’s what I found:

That is Gideon in Juan’s shell.¬† I also found Juan buried upside down and naked just a few inches from Gideon’s old shell.¬† I know...Read More »


I like not having carpet in the living room.¬† The tile is much easier to clean with the hairy dogs in the house.¬† However, it’s not as nice to walk around on all day.¬† Hence, the slippers.¬† They are wonderful and fuzzy.¬† I ordered them online (Bare Necessities).¬† I...Read More »

Let's Eat

Here you go, mom.¬† We have a dining table.¬† What do you think?¬† Brad put all of the computer stuff on a different shelf, and we used our office table as a small dining table.¬† We raised it up to fit with the bar stools.¬† Also, you’ll have more...Read More »


Yea! Furniture!¬† All we have in the living room so far is these bookcases and an end table, but there are couches and a coffee table in the works.¬† Currently, we watch TV from a leaky air mattress.¬† We also have plans for a rug, but that will have...Read More »

Happy Easter!

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Bachelor Pad

Here’s a couple of photos of Brad’s new bachelor pad.¬† He took them with his cell phone, so they’re a little fuzzy.¬† The container of stuff came in, and so did the shower curtain that I ordered him.¬† He’s still waiting for the shower curtain rod, though.¬† Perhaps he...Read More »


That will be the theme of the new hall bath as soon as the shower curtain and matching accessories arrive.¬† I forgot that there would be no shower doors or curtains in the new place, so Brad will have to rough it for a week or so.¬† He will...Read More »


I just thought this was a good picture of Hercules. 

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Look, my cactus’ flowers bloomed!¬† They were open for one day (Thursday).¬† They closed back up after that; it got a little chilly – maybe that’s why.

Still, aren’t they cool?¬† A full halo of pink flowers!

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My Cactus!

I have had this tiny cactus for about three years now, and last summer it grew one little pink flower.¬† This year, it has tons of little buds on it – they just look like brown spots in the picture.¬† I am expecting lots of pretty pink buds this summer!¬†...Read More »

Sunday Afternoon

Well, we decided to try growing plants again.¬† We seeded the front yard a few weeks ago, and the grass is coming in.¬† It’s not really a “lawn” yet, but we’ll see how it goes.¬† We also bought two bell pepper plants this week; one red (in the cage) and...Read More »


My newest hermit, Gideon, is doing well!¬† He was my Valentine’s Day present, and he had buried himself for almost two months.¬† He came out this week, newly molted, and found a new shell.¬† He is now officially part of the hermit clan!

Although he was a little camera shy, this...Read More »