My Cactus!

dsc03018_lowI have had this tiny cactus for about three years now, and last summer it grew one little pink flower.  This year, it has tons of little buds on it – they just look like brown spots in the picture.  I am expecting lots of pretty pink buds this summer!  I’ll post another picture when it blooms.

dsc03016_lowIn other news, our grass is about half way grown in.  You can see that the yard looks green.  We’ll see if it makes it through the summer.

Sunday Afternoon

dsc03015_low_2Well, we decided to try growing plants again.  We seeded the front yard a few weeks ago, and the grass is coming in.  It’s not really a “lawn” yet, but we’ll see how it goes.  We also bought two bell pepper plants this week; one red (in the cage) and one green (front).  We are hoping to have a few home grown peppers this summer.  This afternoon we decided to try killing our back yard weeds.  It’s actually the only thing that grows really well back there, so we will be down to dirt if the weed killer works.  My mom suggested planting gazanias instead of grass.  We’ll think about it.


Gideon2009My newest hermit, Gideon, is doing well!  He was my Valentine’s Day present, and he had buried himself for almost two months.  He came out this week, newly molted, and found a new shell.  He is now officially part of the hermit clan!

Although he was a little camera shy, this photo is of Gideon in his new shell.  (His old one is sitting next to him empty.)