Cuteness #1. Zoe believes every baby is Zachary. She asked to watch Inside Out because there is a baby for like a minute at the beginning that she thinks is Zach. She can never get past the first 10 minutes though because the rest of the movie is too boring for her – nobody sings.

Cuteness #2. She is also VERY jealous when other people look at “her” baby. When other toddlers try to look into Zach’s stroller at story time, she will crowd them out and guard him from all strangers.

Cuteness #3. Zach loves to smile and laugh now. And he likes to stand/jump. He’s going to be sooo happy when he can run and play with the “big” kids. We spent yesterday morning with our neighbor and some friends – 6 kids total. Zach had a blast watching them.

Cuteness #4. Zoe likes to burp Zach. He always looks a little terrified when we lay him on her lap. We try to convince her that he doesn’t always need to burp, but she’s pretty sure that’s what you’re supposed to do with babies.

Cute photos:


Happy Easter!

We had a good Easter last weekend even though it was pouring rain all day. Zoe got to hunt eggs at the library on Thursday. After she realized they had candy in them she was pretty into it – she found 34 eggs. We tried an indoor hunt at a church on Saturday, but it was kind of lame. They just set like 50 people free in a tight space and told all these little kids they could find 12 specific eggs and then file out of the room. Zoe doesn’t really do that. Auntie Melissa took us out to ice cream instead. Then I tried Zach’s outfit on him when we got home and found out that he grew out of the pants, so I had to run out and get a bigger size. I think he gained like three pounds in the last couple of weeks. Or maybe it just feels that way. Anyway, Brad’s family does Easter presents, so both babies got some spring clothes from their grandparents, and Zoe got play-doh and Zach got a little trilingual piano from us.DSC04747DSC04749DSC04759 DSC04762DSC04764DSC04766

Cute Face


“Hey, Hollywood!”

That’s what we hear ALL THE TIME when Zoe wears her sunglasses. She lost her old ones and kept asking for them, so we went out and she picked out some new ones. She’s so cool that she insists upon wearing them indoors. She gets compliments everywhere we go, and lots of “Hey, Hollywood!”

2016-03-13 11.17.42

We failed to observe the time change last weekend, so we took our time and went out to breakfast. The little girl at the table behind us invited Zoe to play bean bags outside, so we did that too. 2016-03-13 11.54.31

As for Zach, he mostly gets compliments on his cuteness and the volume of his hair. He’s doing well, and even slept for over 7 hours last night! It was probably a one time deal for now, but I still appreciated it.2016-03-11 18.14.34


Well, Zoe had her first emergency room experience yesterday. She rode her tricycle off the front porch and landed on her chin. We were at the hospital for almost three hours waiting for a few stitches. She was shy and sad at first, but after waiting so long she got pretty comfortable and wanted to explore. Somebody brought her some apple juice to appease her for a while. She did really well until they tried to stick the needle in her chin. They wrapped her torso to keep her arms down, I had to sit on her feet and hold her legs down, and one guy held her head while another one stitched. She still almost got away. But, don’t worry, she had a chocolate milkshake for dinner and everything was okay. DSC04652

Big Sister|Little Brother

Zachary was born on Tuesday afternoon. He was 6 lbs 13 oz, and 19 inches long. He stayed 48 hours in the hospital; I was assigned the room next door to Cierra so that we could both be there with him. Zoe and Brad stayed at the apartment at the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes office. We got home Thursday night around 10:30pm. Zachary burned through all the formula the hospital had given us before morning. (We had friends from church bring us some extra when we got home.) He had leaky diapers all night, and woke up every 1.5-2 hours to eat. It was a rough night. Last night was much better – he only woke up twice to eat and his diapers didn’t leak, so we didn’t have to keep changing all his clothes and blankets. We switched him to Gerber formula because Brad can’t stand the smell of the other ones. He is doing well with it. Our cloth diapers are a little big on him, but I’m hoping they will fit soon since we are running out of disposables.

Zoe loves her new baby! She likes to hold him whenever she can. She also likes to help burp him when she sees us rub/pat his back. However, she is still jealous of all the attention he gets. We got her a new toy to help occupy her while we’re busy with feedings and diapers. And she insists on having a cup of milk every time she sees him with a bottle. DSC04480 DSC04500 DSC04509 DSC04514

New Stuff

Well, we’re preparing for baby #2 to arrive in approximately 3 weeks! We got a crib – no mattress yet – and I made a bunch of burp cloths, changing pads, and diaper pail liners. And, we got a bunch of clothes from Jen and FBCH for the first 3 or 4 months.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Highlights from our 2015 Christmas extravaganza:

  1. SeaWorld and Aquatica – Technically, this was a birthday trip, but the little kids’ area at Aquatica was a big hit!DSC04296DSC04299
  2. Pre-Christmas Gifts – We celebrated early with Brad’s parents and sister before they went home. DSC04305
  3. Christmas Day – Everyone thought it was funny that a not-quite-2-year-old was so excited to get an ab wheel and real vacuum.

The Doc is In!

(So, I started this post like a month ago, but I couldn’t get the photo in it. Then I forgot that I never posted it. But here we go.)

Doc McStuffins! Because that’s the only cartoon she’ll watch. We borrowed a costume from someone we met at story time at the library, and we got some good use out of it – trunk or treat at Brad’s work, trunk or treat at the library, and actual trick or treating in our neighborhood.

file (3)


So, gymnastics for toddlers is basically a lot of running, jumping and climbing – with a little bit of swinging. So far, her favorites were the trampoline and swinging on the trapeze. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to get a clear shot from the “observation room” so these are pretty blurry. My favorite part was that she didn’t pee her pants during the hour long class.